Will MONKEYPOX Become The New Pandemic? CDC Warns The Globe

The global pandemic COVID-19 is still not over, and another disease just waiting to take the place of. Yes, you read it absolutely correctly. The cases of Monkeypoxes are recently hiked and this is obviously a big issue for humankind.

So, if you are interested to know more regarding this matter then go through this article completely. After reading the whole one I hope you get all the necessary information and threats regarding this.

Will MONKEYPOX Become The New Pandemic? CDC Warns The Globe

About the case of monkeypox

The whole matter came into the public eyes when a citizen of Texas was infected by the virus and got hospitalized. As per the news it’s come to know that the citizen lived in Dallas, Texas.

He was returning from Nigeria on 8th July and from there he got the flight for Atlanta. And from there he got another flight to arrive in Texas. So, I guess that he got infected in Nigeria. Now the concern of the health department is that he contact with the lots of travelers in these two flights.

Though during this pandemic period there is not too much crowd in the airports still the infected person got contact with lots of people. So, the tracing of those co-passengers is not too difficult but if they are also infected then this is also a headache for the health care system.

But one thing that may feel relief is that monkeypox is not a very new disease. In Africa every year we see some cases of monkeypox, but every disease is a cause of national tension.

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So, now let’s talk about the infection and death rate of this monkeypox disease.

Will MONKEYPOX Become The New Pandemic? CDC Warns The Globe

Symptoms and death rates

The symptoms for the mild cases are very common. Here you see viral illness and sickness. Then you may see the swelling of your lymph nodes. But here the transmission rate of the virus is very low for a human to human.

Moreover, the death rate is very low where we see 1 single death if 100 people were infected. But if your immune system is a little low then you should need to worry about it. But still, now it need not worry too much but the health department has to keep close eyes on this.

So, that’s all for today. Stay tuned with Stanford Arts Review for the latest updates.

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