A Comprehensive Review of Cube Solitaire to Sway Your Decision

Love card games? Yes? You cannot miss playing Cube Solitaire. The game has single-handedly entertained generations. As part of the Microsoft Solitaire Collection, it has won several accolades, and its popularity never ceases to amaze. Here’s what you need to know about this card game to quickly install it on your device and start showing off your skills. 

Cube Solitaire’s Basic Premise 

The game’s rules are straightforward, and you won’t have trouble understanding them. There are just some things to remember, such as:

  • During the match, players can only utilize the face-forward cards. If you haven’t revealed the card, you cannot move it anywhere. Therefore, you must focus on exposing as many cards as possible when the match starts. It will increase your potential moves and give you an upper hand against your opponent. 
  • The Cube Solitaire app is no longer a single-player game but is played in multiplayer mode. The app will select opponents randomly from a pool of active players when you tap on the 1V1 battle mode. You will compete with players worldwide with different experience and skill levels. 
  • Each match session lasts between three and five minutes. Within this time limit, you have to aim to score the highest. It is prudent that you learn a few strategies and play with a calm mind because mistakes can be costly. With the timer ticking away, it can get challenging to recover from any error. 
  • The game demands players to arrange the cards descendingly. You need to match the suit but place the cards in alternating colors. In Cube Solitaire, all the suits and colors are in play. Therefore, you must be careful when choosing which color king card to play with. 
  • Whenever there’s an empty column, you need to place a king card, or that column is blocked off from the game. It would be best if you had a king for an empty column, and the color of the card would dictate the color order for that particular build. 
  • You can tap on the stockpile to get new cards when you don’t have any more potential moves. But remember, the new cards will be placed on the face-forward cards. So, you must be sure that all your moves are exhausted before you tap on the stockpile. 
  • In the online game, you will get the undo and submit buttons. The undo button is to help you go back one step and play a different move. You can click the submit button when the deck is unsolvable, and you don’t want to waste your time trying to arrange the cards to no avail. You can quit the game by pressing the submit button early but get a timer bonus. 
  • The game controls are easy. You have to drag and drop the cards in their specific places. When you have finished making a complete build, you have to tap on it and transfer it to the foundation deck to earn points. 
  • You must be aware of different scoring actions within the game. For instance, creating a finished build and transferring it to the foundation deck will get you 500 points. But that’s not the only way to earn points. You can also score when you tap the stockpile or expose a card. So, before starting a match, you must go through the scoring options to improve your winning chances. 
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Two Interesting Game Modes with Unique Features 

Cube Solitaire offers two exciting game modes where players can flex their knowledge and skills. They are explained below. 

  • The practice game mode: In this mode, you can engage in 1V1 battles with online opponents. But it is the practice mode because you don’t have to pay anything. Also, you don’t get any reward if you win a match. But this game mode is highly entertaining, and it will keep you on your toes. You can connect with several opponents and enjoy the thrill of beating them. When you have played a few of these matches and are confident that you have what it takes to beat anyone, you can move on to the next mode, explained below. The practice mode is designed with all the elements of the below-mentioned mode, so you will quickly get familiar with it if you keep playing matches. Furthermore, this mode will teach you to remain calm in stressful situations when the timer is almost down to its last few seconds and your opponent’s score is more than yours. 
  • The multiplayer tournament mode: Have you acquired the skills to beat anyone by playing practice matches? It is time for you to check out the multiplayer tournament mode or the 1VN mode. Here, you will compete against multiple players at once. You have to pay a small fee to enter the tournament, and the cash reward will be yours if you can score more than the other participants. Your name must be on top of the leaderboard to make you eligible for the tournament money. However, if your state doesn’t allow participation in cash-winning tournaments, you can continue playing the practice matches and engaging in intense 1V1 battles. 
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The Bottom Line 

Cube Solitaire is no longer the game you used to know during childhood. The game has become much more competitive and ruthless. The time-based matches add a nice challenge to the game and can keep you engaged for several hours. Install and have fun.

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