Locke Key Season 2 : Release Date, Latest Update & More

Many comic book series has been adapted or are getting adapted into TV shows or movies, Locke & Key is one of them. The title has remained the same as the comic series and the show premiered in February 2020. The show was also renewed for season three, way before the release of the Locke Key Season 2.

Locke Key Season 2

The Supernatural drama series tells the story of the Locke family, three siblings, and mother as after the death of their father move to his ancestral home. The house which is named Keyhouse has various keys hidden around the house, the key opens doors to more than just locked doors, it opens access to more mysterious and magical things. However, they are not the only one who knows about the keys.

The first season also had themes of dealing with trauma and loss. The last season ended with a cliffhanger, Dodge is not dead yet and also some characters might change because of getting hit by something from the cave.

Locke Key Season 2

The Netflix official social media page of the show has revealed many images as the first look of the show. Some new characters could also be seen in the promo photos. The main antagonist can not be seen in the images, however, it is reported the actress would be back to reprise her role. One image also shows the character of Kinsey walking on water, which is surely due to the keys.

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All of the other characters are visible in the images, confirming that they would be back for the upcoming season

Locke Key Season 2: Release Date

The show is announced to be released in October this year. Therefore, the supernatural series would be available to stream during Halloween month. The filming for this began last year near September and it was wrapped up by April this year. It was announced during the Netflix Virtual Event by the cast members.

No specific date has been announced yet. A teaser and trailer can soon be expected before the release in few months. Similar to the last one, the upcoming season will also consist of a total of ten episodes.

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