3 Best Movies Explains How to Survive If You are Stuck Alone in Space

There are many movies made around the space. Some are based on a threat, some are sci-fiction and others were inspired by real life. Space can be a scary place. It does not cooperate with you. This was a dialogue from the Martians. But on the contrary in Interstellar, Nolan calls space a beautiful place. Whether it’s beautiful or scary, one thing for sure is space is lonely. And there are many movies that show the loneliness in space. So here are 5  movies that especially focus on this topic.


The movie is based on a Noel by the same name. It was directed by the legendary Ridley Scott. This movie focuses on an astronaut who is also a biologist, who has been accidentally abandoned on Mars. This is his story and how he was retrieved and he came back to Earth. But in between, this movie also shows what a person has to though if he is abandoned in space anywhere and not just mars. What you have to face including loneliness because you are alone on this planet and no one to talk to.


This movie is a directional masterpiece of Christopher Nolan. It’s one of his only Space Sci-fi to date and it’s beautifully made. The movie has one of the best CGIs ever created and the best accurate black hole on the screen to date. We see the movie through the eyes of our astronaut who is going to space because he wants to save humanity. He is leaving his whole family behind and will have to face some pretty bad stuff alone in the darkness of nothing. This was one of the movies you need to watch on the big screen. Download it in the highest resolution possible and watch it.

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Matthew McConaughey in INTERSTELLAR, from Paramount Pictures and Warner Brothers Entertainment.


This movie is one of the costliest movies made in space. The director is none other than our favorite Alfonso Cuarón. This movie focuses on an astronaut who is stuck in her spaceship alone and her struggle to come back to Earth. The movie also focuses on the psychological pressure you face in space and you have to deal with it alone. It’s an amazing movie and you need to watch it ASAP.

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