4 Anthology Series You Must Watch

Web series or Tv shows can be tiring to watch even if you are a big fan of them. There are many episodes and multiple seasons in a particular show and you have to keep up with the story in each episode. But, there are some TV shows which do not rely on long storylines and want to complete their stories in an episode or in just one season. Sometimes we even call them mini-series because of the nature of the show. So, presenting you guys with 10 shows who are different and can be viewed without losing your sweat.


One of the most unique Web series on our list. It has 12 episodes in total and those 12 episodes have been further divided into 3 episodes to complete a whole story. 4 different stories in 4 different countries and their interrogation by police. Directed by four different directors, Jim Field Smith Mariano Barroso, Oliver Hirschbiegel, and Frédéric Mermoud.


Created by none other than Tim Miller. Also, David Fincher is among the products of this series. There are two seasons. The first season has 18 episodes and it’s a compilation of various short stories. One episode does not have any relation to the other stories. The second season has 8 episodes. It has also been praised by critics likewise.

Black Mirror:

Black Mirror is one of the most famous shows on the list by far. The world knows this show because of its unconventional endings. Every episode on the show has been set in the near future, a dystopian especially. Every episode is different from another. It has 5 seasons and every season has 6 episodes each. The creator of the show is Creator Charlie Brooker.

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This is one of the most amazing shows if we are talking about horror genres. Every episode is different set in different places with different people. The creator of this show is Ryan Murphy. You can watch this show on Disney+Hotstar. The show also focus of the psychological part of the horror genre.

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