Trump’s GOP Loyalists are Saying Capitol Riot Looked Like TOURIST VISIT

The Republican members of Congress on Wednesday said that the attack on January 6th, on the U.S Capitol, was similar to a “normal tourist visit”. According to the Republicans, the devastating riot at the Capitol was a “bold-faced lie”. The event looked more like a tourist visit than a deadly attack. It was said that the supporters of former President Donald Trump demonstrated at the Capitol behaved in a very orderly fashion.

Why is it being called a “normal tourist visit.”

The statement regarding the riot at Capitol which was made in the hearing mainly focused on the fact that it was a planned riot. The Republicans and Clyde first and foremost claimed that the House floor on 6th January was never breached, thus, proving that it was not an insurrection. Although they did reach to the Senate floor but they did not breach the House floor.

It was quite evident that it was an undisciplined mob, some rioters did commit acts of vandalism but there was no attempt of insurrection. The footage on television clearly showed that the people who entered the Statuary Hallmarked their way in a very orderly fashion. All the people followed a uniform way of intruding, staying between the stanchions and ropes taking videos and pictures. Clyde said that, “if you closely watch the television footage, you would actually think it was a normal tourist visit.”

Contradicting comments

The way Clyde portrayed the events it gravely contradicted what actually happened that day. So far more than 440 people are charged with participating in the attack on Capitol. The FBI has reported that many of them have connections to right-wing extremist groups. Not only that five people, have even lost their lives in the incident.

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The prosecutors claimed that hundreds of Trump followers were seen properly prepared for the war, wearing helmets and carrying baseball bats, who stormed into Capitol. The Congress was definitely damaged after the riot with broken windows and ransacked offices. It was Trump’s followers who were harassed during the whole situation.

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