Marissa Pool Post divorce Glow Up! What has inspired this new look?

Hola, entertainment buffs; here is an interesting scoop for you. After her divorce, the once-recognizable Karen got a huge “glow up.” Marissa Pool, now 29, “lost herself” when she decided to conform to society’s beauty standards to be a decent wife and mother. Moreover, she and her husband amicably divorced. Furthermore, she resolved to be more authentic in her relationships.

What has inspired Marissa Pool’s new look?

As a fan of alternative music, she gradually began to adopt the look she had always liked but never dared to try herself: the scene’s clothes, hair, and makeup. She no longer has a short “Karen cut.” Moreover, she now has long, dark hair and no longer wears her baggy cover-ups, instead opting for edgy, figure-hugging black ensembles.

The mother of two has been compared to Megan Fox. Moreover, she began getting tattoos and now has nine, including a portrait of her children and the emblem of her favorite band, Bring Me The Horizon. Marissa Pool has pierced her top lip, nostrils, tongue, and belly button. Moreover, the results have made her look years younger.

Post Divorce Glow

What did Marissa Pool say about her life?

She is a patient care technician in Williamsport, Pennsylvania. Marissa Pool said, “My mental health was at an all-time low. Moreover, my identity as a wife and mother became so important to me that I neglected my appearance and other aspects of my life.”

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“When I was 17, I met my ex-boyfriend. You become a different person with different values and ideas as you age. Like many women, I went through a period of disconnection. ” I’m much happier and more assured now that I can be myself.

It’s incredibly flattering when people tell me they see similarities between Megan Fox and me.

“Though I’m not sure I see it myself, it’s quite flattering.” After getting married in March 2016 and having children ages 2 and 6, Marissa and her husband finally filed for divorce in January 2022.

Marissa Pool and her New Look

How did Marissa Pool find a way to transform?

After deciding to make a difference, Marissa Pool began her journey to “transform from the inside out.” When asked how she felt, she responded, “I was finally able to be myself.” Once I realized that I could be genuine and honest with others rather than hiding out of fear, I could finally start to feel good about myself on the inside and the outer.”

As the saying goes, “It wasn’t an overnight success.” Since I had been a fan of the alternative music movement since I was a preteen, I decided to change my wardrobe before I even considered becoming a bride and mother.”

My hair fell out because I bleached and dyed it so often.” In 2017, I could have shaved it all off or had a Karen cut.”

“This process of maturation took a long time. To hell with leaving my hair alone. I couldn’t do it. “I love how my hair turned out! Moreover, I let it grow past my shoulders, added some extensions, and dyed it black.”

Wrapping up

Marissa Pool is happier than she has ever been. She suggests that other mothers take 10 minutes each day to do something that makes them happy. Getting ready and applying makeup now takes her “half an hour per day,” she claimed.

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Only when you have a healthy sense of self-esteem can you truly shine. I’ve never felt so empowered, so at peace with myself, so much like myself again.”

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