Joss Whedon THREATENED Gal Gadot while Filming Justice Leage with ENDING HER CAREER

Wonder Woman star Gal Gadot has confirmed that the director, Joss Whedon threatened her career while working on 2017’s Justice League reshoots. Whedon has come under scrutiny after several stars accused the director of displaying abusive behaviors on the set. Gadot’s co-star Ray Fisher first opened about the director’s unprofessional behavior in a viral tweet last year.

Ray Fisher has always talked about the abusive and unacceptable behavior of Whedon towards him and other cast mates. Now, Gal Gadot has also opened about Whedon’s behavior on the set of Justice League. The actress told in a new interview that the director threatened her to harm her acting career. She mentioned that the director used to threaten her if she didn’t do as he says.

If the actress didn’t do as he says or didn’t read the lines wrote by Whedon, he would threaten her to destroy her career. The Hollywood Reporter previously posted story citing that they received the information from an anonymous source. Whedon told Gadot to shut up and do as he says, since he is the writer and if she doesn’t obey then he would make her look stupid in the movie, the source told the Hollywood Reporter.

Gal Gadot used to quickly report Whedon’s on-set behavior to Warner Bros. executives.

Joss Whedon, who previously directed the Avengers movie, joined to fulfill the directing duties of Justice League after Zack Snyder left the film due to personal reasons. Whedon reportedly wanted to make the several changes in the film and did a rewrite process. The Hollywood Reporter also reported that Whedon argued with several stars of the film. Fisher questioned the changes, but Whedon shut him up by saying that he doesn’t like taking notes from anybody.

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Not only the stars from Justice League, the actors from Whedon’s past projects have also come forward with their own allegations. Warner Bros. reported that they had conducted an itnernal investigation and remedial action was taken with the parties involved. However, they declined to offer any information of the findings citing the company’s privacy policy.

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