Gwyneth Paltrow MOCKED by The Guardian in Hit Piece Article for Depression During COVID

The British news and media website, The Guardian published an article mocking the actress Gwyneth Paltrow for playing the victim during the coronavirus pandemic. Paltrow recently revealed that she had tough times during the quarantine and the situation later drove her into extremes. The 48-year-old also mentioned that she was drinking all seven nights of the week, making pasta, and then eating bread.

Iron Man actress told the SmartLess podcast that she completely went off the rails during the quarantine. At one point during the quarantine, she even drank two cocktails a night, continuously for seven days. The sarcastic article from the Guardian also asked their social media followers to share the breaking point they had during the quarantine. Users shared their lowest point and also trolled Paltrow for her bread.

People had hard times, but some of them had downright tragic moments during the stressful pandemic. One user wrote that he had to give up his job and part ways with his wife, but that’s okay because Paltrow is living on bread. Gwyneth Paltrow lives in the luxurious neighborhood of Los Angeles with her award-winning husband, Brad Falchuk. The mother-of-two has an estimated worth of $150 million, but she broke down and ate breads. (how tragic!)

While people are losing lives during the pandemic, living on breads was tragic for the actress.

Mom actress Kristen Johnston also mocked Paltrow’s hard times during the quarantine. Johnston revealed that the lowest point she felt during the quarantine was losing her sister. She also mentioned that bread is scary during the pandemic, ridiculing Paltrow. People then asked Paltrow if she realizes that millions of Americans are suffering financial ruin during the pandemic. Families are having hard time putting food on their table, and she is upset over bread.

People argued that eating bread and pasta is definitely not going off the rails. Paltrow may not realize, but millions of Americans are currently surviving on bread, during these tough times. The actress announced in 2020 that she is semi-retiring from acting and now focusing on other things. She last appeared as Pepper Potts in the global blockbuster superhero film, Avengers: Endgame.

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