People are Dying from COVID Vaccines, Are Rumors True? Here’s the Breakdown

Covid-19 vaccines, being the reason of death is by far nonexistent. The online data on social media claim that covid-19 vaccines are engaged with deaths. The rumour generated content has stuck peoples mind with fear regarding the vaccines. The CDC was provided with detailed reports from vaccinated people which provides with evidence that proves there is no link between deaths and vaccines.

The Social media hoax

False notions regarding vaccine deaths have hindered the judgement ability of people. The vaccine recipients have started thinking differently regarding the true risk of getting a shot.  The social media rumors are a long stretch of misinformation, as the CDC has evidence of the vaccines not being a cause for deaths. The social media renders false health claims and a set of allegations to drive misleading narratives.

The experts say that the false storylines have become difficult for the companies to moderate which is creating a distorted and false view for the world. Deen Freelon a communications professor at the University of North Carolina says, “The social media companies have taken a hard line against disinformation.” According to media Intelligence Company stories which suggest that people dying after getting vaccinated have by far been the most popular articles on social media.

Story and shares on social media.

The most popular vaccine story was about a doctor which was a South Florida Sun-Sentinel article. The article stated that the doctor had died few weeks after receiving the vaccine. Later it was discovered that the vaccine shot and the doctor’s death was not linked at all. It was evidently proved that the story wasn’t true but the article, received 5 million interactions on Facebook and Twitter. This clearly proves that the matter was dragged by social media.

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Since 7th January till 20th January 10 most important and engaging stories on social media had at least one was linking the covid-19 vaccine to deaths. 11th March marked the day which consisted of the story of a Utah woman who died four days after receiving the vaccine. The story was six times shared amongst top 20 most engaging stories of the day. It was shared several times on different pages on Facebook.

Few days witnessed 25% rather more amount of vaccine stories on social media about a person dying after being vaccinated going viral. The situation completely depends on how many times an article is being shared, commented or liked on Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest. The spread of fake news regarding vaccines has panted the fear related to vaccines into the minds of the people.

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