Pfizer PROFITED $3.5 Billion from Covid Vaccines Despite Patients Reporting Major Side Effects

Pfizer has already made $3.5 billion on their covid vaccine in just the first quarter of this year.

This is the amount that the drug giant has officially announced. This vaccine is now their greatest source of income. And they estimate that the drug company might generate a revenue of $21 billion on these vaccines alone this year !


But how are so many people and countries buying this vaccine thought patients are reporting some major side effects? And how come Pfizer is making such huge amounts of profits from the vaccine they said that they aren’t making this for profit but to help the world? Read below to  find out.

Major countries that are importing this vaccine

700 million vaccines have been sent out into the world as of their mid-April report. Out of those about 87 percent were secured by the wealthy countries. Major importers are The USA and the European countries.

What about the poor nations? 

Pfizer is not helping much of the low and medium-income countries. Only 0.2% of the total vaccines produced by Pfizer has reached the poor countries.  The WHO also pointed out this point that this drug giant has contributed minimal help to the world’s poorest countries.

They are doing this because they can not make a profit out of the poor countries. Israel will be paying $30 for each vaccine whereas the cost of it in US is $19. The people of poor countries do not have this amount at disposal.

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Side effects reported 

The common side effects for all the covid vaccines are swelling, fever, chills, muscle pain, nausea, etc. But the extreme ones reported by Pfizer vaccine users were-

  • inability to do day to day activities
  • extreme allergies
  • emergency room visit and even hospitalization
  • Bell’s palsy
  • even deaths during the clinical trials

Why are nations still buying it then?

The answer is quite simple. Everyone is scared of the virus and are hoping for it to stop as soon as possible. And the only way to get there is by getting the majority of the population vaccinated at the earliest.

There are very few companies that offer the vaccine and Pfizer is one of them. People will buy them though they are costly because they don’t have many options and not all the other vaccines are available everywhere.

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