Donald Trump Jr. Shares Tweet, MOCKING Kamala Harris for Kissing Husband While Wearing a Mask

Vice President of the United States, Kamala Harris was captured kissing her husband with their masks on. The second couple showed their affection at each other while saying goodbyes, even though both of them were fully vaccinated. This beautiful moment was  recorded and quickly became viral on the internet. The social media users quickly pointed out, including Donald Trump Jr., who then mocked the couple.

In the video, the Second Gentleman Douglas Emhoff and VP Kamala Harris were walking across the tarmac, where a staircase to the aircraft and an SUV was parked. After arriving at the point, from where the duo were going to part ways, they said goodbyes with a kiss. However, neither of them took off their masks while kissing each other. The duo is fully-vaccinated, and they aren’t carrying any infections.

Social media users quickly weighed in and pointed their affection. One tweeted asking that Harris kissed her husband with masks on. Multiple users wrote that the act wasn’t a big deal, but some people won’t just stop criticizing. Various viewers mocked the couple for kissing with their masks on. One wrote that the people now live in a clown world as there is no need to kiss with masks on if you are fully vaccinated.

Donald Trump Jr. mocks VP kissing her husband with masks on

Among the users who mocked the duo for kissing included a quite popular name — Donald Trump Jr. Donald Trump Jr. also boarded the train to mock the second couple for showing their affection to each other. The son of the former President of the United States tweeted that the couple kissed with masks on because of science. Now, many users have started ridiculing Trump Jr. for his response.

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Twitter users began asking Trump Jr, how specifically does the VP kissing her husband affect him. One user instead mocked Trump Jr. claiming that he had never seen a couple kissing before. However, some supported Trump Jr and claimed that it was a confusing display. Some people are confused what the White House is trying to recommend the vaccinated Americans to do. The CDC has quite clearly announced that those people who have vaccinated can take of their masks outdoors, unless involved in crowded venues.


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