Bill Gates’ Wife will Take HALF of EVERYTHING From Him, Just Like Jeff Bezos, Here’s Her Net Worth Now

Recently this week world’s 4th richest man Bill gates announced officially his and his Wife Melinda Gates divorce. The announcement came after their youngest child turned 18. The couple’s announced that after putting enough of effort in their relationship they decided to get separated. As they can’t go ahead with their relationship anymore. Most of the people have raised questions about his net worth and all the assets as in how Bill gate’s assets will get divide.

Bill Gates And Melinda Gates Assets And Foundation. 

After Jeff Bezos, Elon Musk and Bernard Arnault Microsoft founder Bill Gates is the fourth richest man on earth. In case if he’s assets are getting divided equally between Bull Gates and Melinda Gates he will likely come down to 17th rank on the Forbes Billionaire index.

Bill Gates and Melinda Gates are co – founders and trustees of the world’s largest private foundation. Which work’s towards education, health and reducing poverty all over the world. The couple came up with the foundation in 2000. Ever since then Bill Gates and Melinda gates have invested $36 billion to the foundation.

What Is The Common Agreement Signed By Melinda And Bill Gates 

Before marriage has signed a joint agreement regarding the division of his assets. They requested to the court to respect their decision and let them go ahead with their decision.

As I have mentioned that they will continue to work for the foundation with the same energy and dedication. Bill Gates also announced that their separation will not affect the organization. He even declared that Melinda will work as trustee and co-founder of the organization.

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Bill gates and Melinda Gates have common assets that are worth $150 billion. This includes their main family home in US Worth $125 million, they also have a mansion at San Diego, a Leonardo da Vinci’s Codex notebook that he bought from an auction by paying $30 million, they are also world’s largest farmland owners in America.

They also own a private jet and massive art collection worth $130 million they also own a private island worth $25 million in Belize.

They are the 4th richest people on earth and if they decide to divide all this they will come down to 17th rank. Their assets are the second-largest assets after Jeff Bezos and his wife’s assets. No confirmation has been made by the couple regarding their assets.

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