Arizona Republican’s are Recounting the Vote After six Months of Defeat by Trump

“We hold an audit,” said state Senator Eddie Farnsworth in a Judiciary Committee meeting responding to who echoed former President Donald J Trump’s false claims of a stolen election after six months. Arizona Republicans have promised to provide a detailed review of the vote that showed Donald Trump has been the first Republican Presidential nominee to lose the state since 1996.

The Audit and the Recount

When a parade of flatted trucks last week hauled boxes of voting equipment and 70 pallets containing the 2.1 million ballots of Arizona’s largest country to a decrepit local coliseum, it was kicked off a seat-of-the-pants audit process that seemed more likely to amplify Republican grievances than to put them to rest.

Half a year after the election Donald Trump lost, the promised audit has become a snipe hunt for skullduggery that spanned a court battle, death threats and calls to arrest the elected leadership of Maricopa country, which includes Phoenix.

Head of cyber Ninjas which is a Florida-based firm, hired by Republican Senators to oversee the audit, has embraced Trump’s baseless theories of the election theft. Whereas, they suggested there are available evidence that Trump actually won Arizona with 200,000 votes. One American News Network which is a pro-Trump cable channel has started a fundraiser to finance the venture. It has been named one of the nonpartisan observers that will keep the audit on straight and narrow.

The recount of the ballots from Maricopa County was sought by Senate Republicans to examine unsubstantiated claims that fraud or errors tainted  President Biden’s win. the election official and courts have found no merit to such allegations. three previous reviews have shown that there is no sign of significant fraud or any reason to doubt President Biden’s Victory. the senators have now planned to recount by hand all 2.1 million ballots cast in Maricopa County, two-thirds of the entire vote statewide.

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Critics in both Republican and Democratic parties have said that the effort which began as a way to placate angry Trump voters has become an utter Political Embarrassment. It can also be said that the situation of recounting the votes after almost six months is another blow to the once inviolable Democratic norm that losers and winners alike honor the result of elections.

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