COVID Vaccines are MORE EFFECTIVE Against Delta Variant, New Study Confirms

From the start of last year, we already see a lot of COVID 19 waves which stuck the whole world by their deadliest forms. We already see the mutation of the Virus couple of times which creates different waves for different countries.

Among all the Covid 19 varients Delta variant always create extraordinary trouble for scientists and doctors. In fact, according to the scientists, this is one of the most transmitted variants which can be easily transmitted through one body to another human body. Scientists from different countries already invent different kinds of antivirus which can protect human life from this virus and now a study said that COVID vaccines are more effective against the Delta variant.

COVID Vaccines are MORE EFFECTIVE Against Delta Variant, New Study Confirms

About this Delta variant 

This variant is the first time observed in the U.S where it transmits 60 percent more than the alpha variant. Besides the US, European countries like England, Scotland also confirmed the same thing. According to their health ministry that the Delta variant spread twice as compare to the Alpha variant. For this the beds of their hospital filled in a lightning-fast speed.

On the other hand, Denmark also suffers very much from this variant. We see a sharp rise on the Covid graph due to this Delta variant. But the total number of cases is quite less than the other countries in Europe.

In short, all countries around the globe face the same problem due to this variant. Overcrowded countries like India, Pakistan, and the other southeast Asian countries also suffered the same.

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COVID Vaccines are MORE EFFECTIVE Against Delta Variant, New Study Confirms

Are vaccines are more effective for the Delta variant?

If we want a particular answer to this question then definitely we have to look at the stats and study regarding this. According to the stats, there is a difference between the affected rate of the vaccinated people. If a person takes only one dose of vaccine then his immunity is obviously less than a person who takes two doses of vaccine.

AstraZeneca’s or American Pfizer’s vaccine can reduce a person’s risk of developing COVID-19 symptoms caused by the Delta variant by 33%, where is 50% for the Alpha variant. A second dose of the AstraZeneca vaccine boosted protection against Delta to 60%, while it’s 66% for the Alpha variant, while two doses of Pfizer’s jab were 88% effective as compared to 93% against the Alpha variant.

So from this, you can see the difference in the effectiveness of the vaccine in the different variants of Covid 19.

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