Jamie Foxx and Katie Holmes Back Together: Dating Rumors and Relationship Timeline

The American actor and producer Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx are known for their secret relationship. Its been almost more than five years but the two have managed to keep their relationship as much as private as possible. Their relationship is considered to be one of the most secret relationships of Hollywood.

Relationship TimeLine of Jamie And Katie. 

Katie is a single mother to her daughter after here’s and Tom Cruise’s divorce in 2012. Since then the couple is said to have been dating each other.  Their relation became public after they were spotted together holding hands. it now that the couple made their relation little public but we can draw back their relationship timeline to 2004.

The couples mate each other because of Katie’s husband  Cruise.  Ever since then the duo is rumored for dating each other. The two were first spotted together in 2011 for Oprah Winfrey’s star Studded farewell event. Oprah is a friend to both Jamie and Holmes. before this, in 2006 Jamie was spotted with Holmes and her husband Tom for hanging out at Washington Redskins game.

In 2013’s star-studded Hamptons party the couples were seen dancing together. At that time too their dating rumors sparked which were answered saying they are just good friends spending time together.  In order to hide their identity, the couples even disguised themselves. Once Katie was seen with a wing and a hat to meet Jamie at a hotel.

Both of them were spotted together during each other’s birthday parties.  Katie was the center of attraction for Jamie’s 48th birthday. For Katie’s 38th birthday they flew to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico for a secret vacation. In May 2017 she was with Jamie while he was shooting for the Robin Hood remake. Katie was also present for Jamie’s 50th birthday celebrations.

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It is said that their dating history began in the year 2013. Once they were both of them were spotted the wearing ring on the wedding fingers but no one knows hoe far the rumors are true. same year Katie was seen in the audience at Barbra Streisand’s concert in New York.

The final confirmation about the two dating each other came between 2017 and 2018  from the beach walk and Give David’s Pre – Grammy Gala where the two were seen all hand in hand. Talking and whispering to each other. So it’s final that the two are secretly dating each other and are involved romantically.

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