Best 5 Christopher Nolan movies till now: Watch now

Christopher Nolan is undoubtedly one of the best directors of our time alongside Damien Chazelle, Terrence Malick, and Yorgos Lanthimos. His Filmography is fascinating. And He is quite bold in what he has to offer to his audience. Nolan’s movies are not just financial success but a Critical one too.

He started with low-budget movies to directing a movie like The Dark Knight Rises with an investment of a Million of Dollars. His Filmography is Sharp, consistent, and plays an important part in learning Film-making. He often plays with ‘Time’ like no other director can even think of. Hope is also one of the major themes in his movies. So, Today we are counting down is Top 5 Movies from good to Best.


Top 5 Christopher Nolan movies till now.

In 2014 Nolan released his Sci-Fi Space Thriller adventure. The premise is set in a dystopian future where the earth is almost dead, there is a shortage of Food and The dust is killing people. And if the Humans want to survive, they have left it. A group of Scientists and astronauts venture into space to find a planet, on which humans can shift. With Hans Zimmer’s perfect background score and Hoyte van Hoytema’s cinematography synced with the direction of Nolan, He created one of the best space scenes after 2001: A space odyssey.


Top 5 Christopher Nolan movies till now.

This was the last installment of The Batman Saga. This was not as welcomed by Critics as his previous installment, The Dark Knight. But If you see this movie as an individual body, This is quite an interesting Movie. This movie deals with the theme of Pain, unlike the dark knight rises which dealt with fear. Christopher Nolan introduced ‘Bane’ in this movie as the final antagonist. Bane is undoubtedly one of the major villains in the Batman comics and Tom Hardy plays the character with great passion.

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Top 5 Christopher Nolan movies till now.

This was the second movie from the Batman Trilogy. This was hailed by the critics as the best superhero as well as one of the best movies ever made in the History of Cinema. It had ‘Joker’ as the main Antagonist of the movie and Heath Ledger nailed the part. He even got the Oscar for his acting performance as Joker. This movie deals with the theme of ‘Chaos’. There is some moment in this movie that is just unforgettable.


Top 5 Christopher Nolan movies till now.

Memento is the movie that told the audience about how Christopher Nolan told his stories which are just splendid. People have never seen anything like this before in Cinema. The movie starts with the conclusion and ended on a note of self-destruction. The time is non-linear in this movie and sometimes the movie challenges its audience. Time is presented as a form of abstract continuity.


Top 5 Christopher Nolan movies till now.

If you really want to see who is Christopher Nolan, Then you should watch Inception. It took him almost 10 years to write the script of this movie. Every world Nolan creates has a set of rules. And his consistency for not breaking the rules is amazing. The movie deals with the origin of Idea, Paradoxical loops, and the theme of memory, subconscious, and the probability of Happiness.

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