Finn Wolfhard and Millie Bobby Brown DATING!!!!, Rumor Going Viral on Insta

Fans have loved the on-screen chemistry between Mike Wheeler and Eleven from the hit supernatural series, Stranger Things. The recent reports suggest there is a romance between the actors who portrays these actors in the series. The new season of the science-fiction drama is arriving soon on Netflix, but the relationship rumours have been creating more buzz on the internet.

Fans started speculating when both Wolfhard and Brown were seen so close to each other while hanging out with their castmates. They had attended several events together and were every time sharing a good laugh while talking. The duo has also bonded outside of their work-life. They have gotten extra close with each other and they used to spend hours with each other.

E! News once reported that the Brown had gone to spend time with Finn on the vacation with Finn’s parents. Brown also explained that she feels super comfortable around Finn to keep up with their on-screen relationship. She told E! News that they feel trusted with each other and are working on a safe environment. Millie had previously dated Joseph Robinson, a 17-year-old rugby player, with whom she shared a snapchat photo.

Noah Schnapp Hinted Finn-Millie Relationship

The speculations later turned to potential believing story after Noah Schnapp teased his castmates relationship. Schnapp plays Will Byers, the brother of Jonathan Byers who ends up getting kidnapped by the monster from Upside Down in the supernatural drama series. The actor hinted the potential relationship through Instagram, and since then the duo has always been trending on the social media platform.

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Schnapp once responded a post from one of his fans’ account. The post asks the viewers to tag two people which will make things awkward after hooking up. Schnapp’s two people, whom he tagged were Finn Wolfhard and Millie Bobby Brown. However, neither Finn nor Brown ever replied to Noah’s comment on the post. Following the comment on Instagram, the duo were seen multiple times together in LA.

In the third season finale, Brown’s character, Eleven plans to move out of Hawkins with Joyce’s family. Later, Eleven meets with Finn’s character Mike and they confesses thier love for each other. They also promises each other to meet at Thanksgiving.

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