Did Jacob Elordi DUMPED!!! Zendaya Because of Kaia Gerber, Break Up Reason Revealed

Euphoria co-stars Jacob Elordi and Zendaya’s relationship came into light after the photograph, in which the stars were kissing, surfaced online. Fans believed that the duo had been in a secret relationship for quite a while then. They met each other during the production of their show, Euphoria, and became close friends. The duo even used to spend a lot of time together with each other.

Reports mentioned that there was no romance involved in the beginning. Both the actors started things as good friends. But, they turned their close friendship into a relationship following the completion of their show. The duo had been seeing each other for several months in 2020 and was inseparable. Elordi has even met Zendaya’s parents and her parents also loved their daughter’s boyfriend.

However, neither of them ever confirmed the relationship status. They literally kept the relationship onto themselves and among their close family members. Both Elordi and Zendaya separately mentioned that they aren’t more than friends. At the same time, Zendaya was linked to a romance with her Spiderman: Far From Home co-star, Tom Holland.

Jacob dumped Zendaya for Kaia Gerber!

The reports suggest that Jacob ended his secret relationship with Zendaya by dating 19-year-old model Kaia Gerber. E! News reported that Elordi wanted to date Gerber. Kaia Gerber is the daughter of the popular model, Cindy Crawford. Gerber previously dated comedian and actor, Pete Davidson. Kaia’s family adores Jacob and they had spent multiple quality times together.

Jacob and Kaia were photographed in New York City, holding each others’ hands. The reports speculated that the duo was on a romantic date in the city. Fans also quickly onboarded the ship and one fan even tweeted that she saw the two celebrities going on a date in NYC. However, other reports suggest that Jacob and Zendeya were still a thing and the latter became confused following the news.

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Later, Jacob dumped Zendaya to be with the 19-year-old model. A source close to the actors revealed that Jacob had moved in with the supermodel. There aren’t any official sources claiming the relationship status and neither Jacob nor Kaia have opened about the romance.

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