Fans Want Emma Stone to Join DCEU as Batgirl After Seeing This Fan art

Can you believe that it has been 23 years since Batgirl made her last and only appearance in the 1997 movie “Batman and Robin”? Rosario City expressed the image of the Lego version of the heroine in the Lego Batman show. He or she is very interesting, but we still see an alternative version of Barbara Gordon on the giant screen.

How Emma Stone Could Look As Batgirl

Currently, Warner Bros is producing a show for her for “Wonder Woman”. The reason why the DC expansion universe continues to evolve is that you imagine why you continue to try. This is why we have movies “Suicide Squad”, “The Flash”, “Batman” (although it will not become a DCEU Canon), “Aquaman” 2, Zatana. And Wonder Woman.

As part of the work of “Batgirl One Day”, this movie can certainly focus on the daughter of Batman, a staunch member of the Bat-family, and the beloved Gotham City Commissioner Barbara Gordon. However, there are rumors that it has been several years since the movie’s announcement, and there are speculations that she may appear in The Flash before leading this highly anticipated show (when she made her debut as a super girl in Shah Keller.

Fans Want Emma Stone to Join DCEU as Batgirl After Seeing This Fan art

One of the best mountains for many Batgirl fans is Emma Stone. And now, thanks to this exquisite design, today we have a blueprint that looks like it on paper. Digital content creator Valentin Romero took to Instagram to share an amazing design with Emma Stone as Batman/Barbara Gordon.

Coupled with the long colorless hair sticking out of Batgirl’s sturdy hood, she paired it with a costume inspired by CW Batwoman but using Batgirl’s standard black and yellow, digitally showing a lovely stone look. We still don’t know the progress of the Batgirl project, but according to reports, the protagonist will be the start of a serious personal injury or TV series on HBO.

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The Batgirl logo confirms that it is still under development. What kind of projects he can work on remains to be seen. A superhero movie, because the star plays Gwen Stacy in every great Spider-Man movie and reportedly repeated her role in the MCU movie Spider-Man: Homeless. It can be seen from this beautiful fan art that a great Batgirl can be created with this beautiful fan art.

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