Who is Natalie Viscuso? Henry Cavill’s Girlfriend 2021: Relationship Timeline:

Everyone wants to have a peek into the life of their favorite celebrity. And relationship news about their favorite actor or actress is always welcome. And when an actor himself shares the news, there is nothing better than that. The same thing happened with Henry Cavill. He told everyone about his relationship status on Instagram yesterday.

Henry Cavill, the Star of Zack Snyder’s Justice League, and Guy Ritchie’s The man from UNCLE is 37 years old and have always kept his private life, private. But just now, he opened about his relationship with the world by sharing a pic of him and his girlfriend, Natalie Viscuso playing chess and Henry Cavill looking at her.

Who is Natalie Viscuso? Henry Cavill's Girlfriend 2021: Relationship Timeline:


Before this Henry Cavill was dating Kaley Cuoco, you guys know her from The Big Bang Theory. Although the relationship was so short that we can’t even call it a relationship. It was official for just 10 days. For 10 days they were dating, and for some undisclosed reason, they did not continue their part. But after that, we have just known about this relationship with Natalie Viscuso.

From the look of the photo, it looks like they have been together for a time now. They look far more comfortable with each other. You can also see how much Henry Cavill loves Natalie Viscuso in his eyes.


But she’s not a person who is new to Hollywood. Actually, she moved from New Mexico to live with her father. She was also a part of My Super Sweet 16. It premiered in 2005, way before man new faces in Hollywood. She is also a part of Legendary Entertainment studios. One of the biggest studios of Hollywood.

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This was the studio that delivered, Man of Steel, Sherlock Holmes, and also the new movie about the sister of Sherlock Holmes, Enola Holmes with many many other movie blockbusters. This is the same studio that will deliver the highly awaited movie, Denis Villeneuve’s Dune.

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