Shameless Season 11 Episode 12: Is Frank Dead, Major Finale Leak & More

After 11 seasons and 133 episodes, the popular American comedy-drama, Shameless is going to end with its 134th episode this week. The upcoming episode will certainly tie all the loose ends and will be an emotional rollercoaster for fans as well as everyone involved with the series. The episode will reveal the fate of fan-favorite, Frank Gallagher after his horrible act in the previous episode.

The current season made the fans believe that Frank is going to die, with multiple unfortunate events in his life. Frank is suffering from dementia and the disease is causing more troubles than he had anticipated. But, before things take a sad turn, fans are hoping that he reunites with his family for the last time, including Fiona Gallagher. Fiona left Chicago during the ninth season and hasn’t appeared since in the following seasons.

Shameless Season 11 Episode 12: Will Frank Die?

The final episode of the finale season will air on April 11, 2021. ‘Father Frank, Full of Grace’ is the title for the final episode and will air on the usual time slot at 9 pm ET on Showtime. The showrunner, John Wells will write the series finale, which will be directed by Christopher Chulack. Wells previously wrote the first episode of the 11th season, titled This is Chicago!

The finale episode will certainly be the end of an era for the ardent Shameless fans. Fans are wondering whether Frank will remain alive or meet his end in the finale episode. The official synopsis for the finale suggests that Frank has come to terms with his mortality. Meanwhile, other characters are diving into new challenges and experiences. Carl accepts the new role in the Police Force and Lip settles with his new job.

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Ian and Mickey are facing different experiences in their new apartment. They will be shopping the new furniture for their apartment in the upcoming episode. Kev and V are looking for a buyer so that they can sell the Alibi and Debbie will meet someone new. Frank decided to overdose heroin in the previous episode, but the promo showed he did not die. However, the creators may be holding the death for this final episode.

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