Stranger Things Season 4 Release Date Leaked by Gaten Matarazzo? Here’s What Really Happened

Fans are excited for the upcoming fourth season of the widely popular web television series, Stranger Things. Both Netflix and the show’s cast members have been constantly teasing about the upcoming season. The frequent tease is increasing the fans’ anticipation and they are all over the internet that they can’t wait for anymore. We all have assumed that the fourth season is going to be epic, Gaten Matarazzo has now confirmed after all.

Gaten Matarazzo plays one of the main characters in the series and is a fan-favorite, Dustin Henderson. While appearing in a recent interview, the 18-year-old talked about the upcoming season’s script, which has now baffled the fans even more. He also mentioned that the upcoming season promises more mature content and will be scary as hell. The production for the fourth season is still running, but it is close to completion.

More Crazy, Scary, and New Cast Members

As the upcoming season is currently filming, several set images have been leaked online. The leaked photos from the show’s production set have revealed the new cast members who will be joining Netflix’s hit show. Jamie Campbell Bower from the Twilight Saga is joining the main cast of the show along with Eduardo Franco and Game of Thrones’ Joseph Quinn.

We don’t know what next in the store for Eleven, Dustin, Will, and the gang, but we do know is Hopper is alive. Chief Hopper was presumed dead in the third season, but a teaser confirms that he is alive and far from home in the snowy field of Kamchatka, Russia. David Harbour is also teasing several exciting stuff through his official Instagram account. The most recent tease includes the existence of twin demogorgons, or Eleven’s twin.

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Gaten Matarazzo recently told to Jimmy Fallon that the upcoming season is the scariest season ever in Stranger Things. Fans are now looking forward to the release date of Season 4, but Netflix hasn’t announced it yet. Some fans deduced that Matarazzo has hinted at a summer 2021 release date in his recent interview.

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