WhatsApp Now Allows Two Step Verification Account Safety

Many users across the world have been users of WhatsApp for a really long time. New safety features are now introduced by the developers of the application. Users have lately reported that their accounts got stolen or either hacked. This results in leading to loss of one’s WhatsApp account or also end up getting a ban from the platform.

Two Step Verification Account Safety

Whatsapp is now a part and parcel of everyone s life from office groups, family groups, friends groups to catching up with friends. We share pictures, documents, songs, and contacts through WhatsApp.

How did Users on Reddit discuss the issue on Whatsapp?

A Reddit user shared his experience and story as to how multiple WhatsApp accounts were banned because of a hacker. The user said that one of the WhatsApp group admin accepted a request by mistake which resulted in him providing access to his account to a hacker. The hacker went ahead and used and sent objectifying content as the group’s profile picture and also changed the group’s name. This ended with WhatsApp banning all accounts in that particular group.

 WhatsApp now allows two step verification account safety

What is Whatsapp’s  Two-Step Verification?

Whatsapp has now allowed a two-step verification method. The two-step verification is an optional feature that allows more security from your Whatsapp account. You can do the two-step verification screen after one has successfully registered their phone number on Whatsapp.

WhatsApp now allows two step verification account safety

In order to activate this feature user will need to Open WhatsApp Settings, Tap Account >Two-step verification > Enable. You then need to Enter a six-digit PIN of your choice and confirm it.

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You need to provide an email address, One needs to access and tap Skip if one does not want to add an email address, However, it is recommended to add an email address as this allows the user to reset two-step verification, and helps safeguard their account. Tap Next. One will need to confirm the email address and tap Save or Done and Tap Next.

WhatsApp now allows two step verification account safety

WhatsApp also enables email you need to reset the link if you forgot your PIN, and it also helps one to safeguard your account. In order to remember one ‘s PIN, WhatsApp will allow you to periodically enter your PIN. The two-step verification PIN is different from the 6-digit registration code one receives through SMS or a phone call while registering a for a WhatsApp account.

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