Magic: The Gathering Comic ‘Hidden Planeswalker’ Debuts Stunning New Art

BOOM! Studios introduces Magic: The Gathering into the comic book era, with a variety of covers featuring some of the game’s most colorful characters. After the popular planeswalkers Vraska, Ral Zarek and Kaya listed above, MAGIC will devour the storylines of the hit card game by writer Jed MacKay and creator Ig Guara.

Updates And Debut

He saw them become club champions on the Ravnica plane, although initially limited to minor roles. The plot of this latest comic begins with an assassination attempt on the group, in which the life of the game’s most famous character is also localized. , Jace Beleren, in danger. Efforts to destabilize Ravnica’s plane send the trio of Planeswalkers on an investigation of the exotic Zendikar across the multiverse wherever they encounter one of the game’s wildest characters, according to BOOM!

Magic: The Gathering Comic ‘Hidden Planeswalker’ Debuts Stunning New Art

It is not clear who BOOM! creates a reference, the words for this advice, which the character could also draw from the decades of magical continuity. The newly revealed hoods of the Secret Planeswalker version indicate the presence of Liliana Vess, a formidable necromancer, and Sorin Markov, a lord of evil spirits.

Kaya currently has his own alternate cover that follows the two opposing Black Mana Planeswalkers. Kaya is silent as she slaughters an army of the Dreadhorde forces from the game’s War of the Spark expansion, as depicted in this cover by Taj Denary. The series was published in three events, namely in the expansion War of the Spark, the sequel to the Forsaken novel and the most recent expansion of MTG, the Nordic Kaldheim.

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Since it has been declared non-canon, viewers should not foresee any of these stories that will affect this one. Regardless of the continuity, all 3 planeswalkers of the alternative cover series are fully recorded. Interestingly, all Planeswalkers use black mana on these covers. may be a key figure in the comic book series, the storyline revealed so far doesn’t mention either Liliana or Sorin.

Apparently the Planeswalkers will be one of the 5 Magic colors in the Si BOOM! Studios are heading in that direction, fans will only hope that the future covers of the Magic: The Gathering variant will be as beautiful as this one.

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