Zack Snyder’s Justice League has been Supported by the Russo Brothers

It’s been a couple of days since Zack Snyder’s cut of the original Justice League came out and it is receiving great response from all around the world. The critics are also watching as a fan and not a critical thinker because this movie is not for them. At the starting of the movie, Zack Snyder thanked his fans because without them the studios would not have given this project the green light and this movie would not exist.

The movie is 4 hours and 2 min long. It is by far the longest superhero movie ever made surpassing even the runtime of Endgame. The endgame was 3 hours long. There are just a handful of good superhero directors who understand the essence of superhero movies. It’s different from other movies out there. And two of the 5 good superhero directors are The Russo Brothers.

yder's Justice League has been Supported by the Russo Brothers


The Russo brothers were important directors of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. They directed their first movie in MCU in 2014, when they released the sequel to Captain America, The Winter Soldier, and the Civil War too. They went on to direct the two most anticipated movies of MCU, Infinity War and Endgame making them two of the highest-paid directors too. They are amazing in their field.

yder's Justice League has been Supported by the Russo Brothers

Receiving praise from them for your movie is a great honor. A tweet was shared by their official account on Twitter praising the vision of Zack Snyder and his hard work in making this project possible and also they will watch it soon. Here’s the tweet.

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For us fans, intimate moments like this always excite us. Directors praising directors promote a healthy culture among movie society and also encourages good behavior. And in a time when both the companies are fighting to take the spot in the top, although Marvel is already there, praising a director making a movie from a different cinematic universe is worth respecting.

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