Tesla to Build Mega-Battery for Texas Grid: Know More

SpaceX chief designer and Tesla’s CEO, Elon Musk is planning to build a large battery. That will link to the Tex Grid says, a news report by  Bloomberg on Monday.

Everything you need to know:

According to the report, Gambit Energy Storage LLC registered as Tesla Unit is building an energy storage project. In Angleton, Texas with the capability of storing over 100-Megawatt.

The mega-battery has the capability of powering about 20,000 houses in the peak summer said the report. Tesla is still avoiding commenting on this report.


This news came few days after a storm In mid-February took down half of the generating plants of the town. Triggering outages that killed dozens and pushed power prices up to 10 times the normal rate.

In 2016, Tesla took a contract to provide a 20-megawatt storage system. At a substation on the name of California utility Southern California Edison.

On the other hand, another news came out about Tesla. The company has assured that the manufacturing of the electric car is going to cost less in India compared to other countries. A few days ago India’s transport minister Nitin Gadkari told Reuter. That the Indian government is ready to offer incentives to insure Tesla’s cost of production less than China. If the company commits to make electric cars in India.


Gadkari made this statement a week after Elon Musk decided to register a company in India to strengthen this roots in the overseas countries. Sources familiar with the matter have said Tesla plans to start by importing and selling its Model 3 electric sedan in India.

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This move of Musk is not going to beneficial for him but also going to benefit India. India is already looking for chances to boost local manufacturing of electric vehicles (EVs), batteries. And other components to cut costly imports and curb pollution in its major cities.

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