Boruto Hints at Naruto and Kawaki’s First Encounter

Boruto: Naruto Next Generation hints at Naruto Uzumaki and Kawaki’s first encounter, Fans are eager to know what this encounter will turn out to be. Inarguably Kawaki has been the favorite anime character of the town since his first fight. His every move never fails to amaze fans and leave them with a curiosity about his next move.

Boruto Hints at Naruto and Kawaki's First Encounter

The newest episode of the series witnessed the fallout of the super Team 7 in their recent S-rank mission. After a long hustle, the higher-ups have recovered Kawaki and Naruto. But now they are in some kind of confusion about how to proceed with the vessel that trying is trying to get hold of. As he is still a kid. Naruto is curious to meet him as he knows how dangerous he can be and that’s the reason why he wants to meet Kawaki.

Boruto Hints at Naruto and Kawaki's First Encounter

Episode 190 starts with Konohamaru explaining the mission to Naruto. He explains how dangerous Kawaki’s karma power is and why Kara wants to get his hold. Konohamaru details every strength and weakness of Kawaki to Naruto but he still wonder. That Kawaki truly has some inherited violet tendencies and won’t even think twice to take his life.

It seems like Naruto has decided to investigate the real truth behind Kawaki and Kara’s situation all by himself. Shikamaru warns Naruto to think twice about his decision but he seems not exactly worried about it. Instead, he looks all planned him exchange hits and fists with Kawaki, if he needs to.

Boruto Hints at Naruto and Kawaki's First Encounter

Nothing of all this seems to make Naruto regret his decision. So now it just remains to see what is going to happen when Naruto and Kawaki will get face to face with each other. It will be exciting to see how Kawaki is going to react after Naruto and more importantly what he will do. Undoubtedly the next episode is going to treat fans with some extraordinary action and mind-blowing surprises.

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