Zack Snyder Shared a Trailer of Justice League with Aquaman in Focus

Only one week left till the release of Zack Snyder’s Justice League. The creators are using social media platforms to make this event more exciting. Zack Snyder is using Twitter to tweet about this movie. Other creators of the Justice league are using Instagram and Youtube to make more people watch it. A new trailer was released on Twitter by the director Zack Snyder in the noon of this Saturday.

In the new trailer, we can see Jason Momoa in his character of Aquaman in all its glory. It looks like the footage is woven together by new and old clips which give us more insight about the Aquaman in particular. This is a strategy used by Zack Snyder. By giving a trailer to each character from the Justice League.


Those who are eagerly waiting and die-hard fans of Justice League would have already figured out that the shots have been taken from the original Justice League as well there were some shots that we are not familiar with. It could be possible it was shot before Joss Whedon tried to reshoot many scenes. But the narrations in the trailer are new. It was not in the old justice league.

Zack Snyder Shared a Trailer of Justice League with Aquaman in Focus


Snyder has already shared the Batman and Superman trailer which focuses on them individually as I told you about the strategy earlier. It is possible we get to see more character-driven trailers before the launch of the movie to gain more followers so that more people would watch this epic 4 hours superhero movie. Today is International Women’s day, there is a possibility we see a new trailer with a focus on Wonder Woman as an individual and we get to peek inside her life a little bit. It is also possible we will get a new trailer with the focus on our antagonist and get to see his motives.

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