Stephen Spielberg Wants the Duffer Brothers to Adapt the Talisman

We all know who Steven Spielberg is. If you don’t he is a veteran film director and one of the best in his Jobs. He has directed extraordinary movies in his lifetime. Movies like Jaws, Jurrasic Park, Indiana Jones franchise, The Adventures of Tintin, Catch Me If You Can, E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial, and of course Schindler’s List which won him the Academy Awards. I mean how can you forget The girl in the red coat.

His specialty of writing is in thrillers and horror genres. He has written more than 40 books. His books are one of the highest numbers of books sold in the world with more than 350 million copies. He is also one of the most profitable writers of all time. His novels have been adapted in movies a number of times. The latest being It chapter 1 and 2. And the greatest being The Shining which was adapted by Stanley Kubrick. Although the adaptation was not liked by Stephen King himself.

Spielberg Wants the Duffer Brothers to Adapt the Talisman


Stephen King and Peter Straub wrote a novel in 1984 called The Talisman which had a little different style than their normal writings. It was more in the style of J. R. R. Tolkien, who is the author of The Lord Of The Rings series. The book has an established fantasy world and a character named Jack Sawyer, who wants to save his mother but he has to acquire an artifact and that’s why he explores America as well as struggling with himself.

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Spielberg Wants the Duffer Brothers to Adapt the Talisman


The rights of the book were brought by Steven Speilberg even before they even wrote the book. And now he wants to adapt the book. The idea is already proposed to Netflix and he wants to hire the Duffer Brothers and his team, who made the stranger things possible. There is no news related to the release date or even anything about the screenwriters.

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