The Viral Korean Wave has Reached Worldwide and here is Why?

The Korean wave or better known as Hallyu first started spreading across Southeast Asia in 1999 and today, it has reached worldwide. The people who might not even know that a thing like Korean drama exists a few years ago are going berserk over it today. There are a lot of things about the Korean wave that you need to know so let’s dive right in.

What is Korean Wave or Hallyu?

The Korean culture is spreading like a wildfire covering more and more countries as it goes on. From movies to food to fashion, there is nothing that the Koreans have not mastered in. During the last decade, South Korean culture has gained more recognition than ever, and as a result, has become the world’s 12th largest economy.

But South Korea was not always like this. It has seen its days of ups and downs before reaching where it is today.

Rise of Korean Wave through music and entertainment.

Movies and TV drama are some of the things which gave birth to the Korean wave. “Swiri” was the first movie to have reached many Southeast Asian countries in 1999. Followed by a television drama called “Autumn in my heart” which left its viewers excited and wanting more of these dramas.

In 2019, a Korean movie called ‘Parasite’ made history by becoming the first non-English movie to win the Best Picture award along with 4 Academy Awards at the 2020 Oscars.

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The viral Korean Wave has reached worldwide and here is why?

K-pop played a major role in the Korean Wave becoming Viral.

K-pop consists of various forms of music originating from South Korea. During the last decade, 92 k-pop bands have been formed and the number of k-pop listeners has skyrocketed. Girl’s Generation and Big Bang come among the first k-pop bands which brought Korea international recognition. Some of the most popular k-pop bands today are BTS, EXO, BlackPink, etc. which have stolen the hearts of many people worldwide.

Why is the Korean Wave spreading worldwide?

With more TV dramas and music from the Korean entertainment industry, more and more people have started to take notice of the Korean Wave. As a result, it has spread globally. various actors and k-pop idols don’t need any introduction anymore and have become the topic of gossip everywhere. Korean dramas and music have been the main source of entertainment during the last two years for millions of people.

The sale of Korean brands in the food and fashion industry has also doubled which has increased the South Korean economy. The main aim of the Korean Wave was to become popular in the whole world and today it has been achieved.

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