Chris Carmack and Wife Erin Share an Adorable Lyrical Music Video for the Song the Risk

The popular country music show Nashville in which Chris Carmack and Erin Slaver were the actors of the show. The story of the show is about the tragedies of rising and fading country music stars from Nashville, Tennessee.

Chris Carmack and Erin Slaver met and fell for each other while filming the show. The couple later got married and have a musical band together called Life on Eris.

The duo released their song ‘ The Risk’. The couple released the song on 26th February 2021. Chris was a background musician during the show. Chris went on to share his experience saying tells he talks about Sounds Like Nashville during a Zoom chat. “They were so kind and welcoming to us as musicians. It’s like they really wanted to know what the world was like that we were living in”.

The Couple were quarantined together and channelized the time they had in hand by making music together.

Chris Carmack and Wife Erin Share an Adorable Lyrical Music Video for the Song the Risk

How did the Duo compose the Song The Risk?

The couple shot and edited the music video on their own. The video has sweet and adorable moments between the couple in their backyard in their Los Angeles Home. Chris and Erin are seen sharing a few sweet kisses and smiles throughout the romantic song. The lyrics to the song can be seen appearing in the background of the music video.

Erin expressed his thoughts and idea behind the music video which was something like this, “Our lyric video was meant to capture a moment of contemplativeness and hesitation in the early stages of a new relationship — the places our minds go when we are questioning every interaction,” Erin explained.

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“The black-and-white footage (shot in slow motion) gives the video а feel of surreаlism; the sometimes unconscious thoughts thаt run through our mind, creаting feаrs, аnd fаntаsies, we cаn’t аlwаys put into words.”

Chris Carmack and Wife Erin Share an Adorable Lyrical Music Video for the Song the Risk

The Risk,” tells the story of а new relаtionship, which the pair wаnted to cаpture in the lyrical video, The couple is mаrried for two аnd а hаlf yeаrs. “Time stretches in those moments, so slow-mo seemed like the best аnd most romаntic wаy to tell the story,”.

The couple currently lives in Los Angeles with their four-year-old daughter Kai. Carmack is currently working for the show  Grey‘s Anatomy, in which he plays the character of  Dr. Atticus Lincoln which starts a new season on March 11. During the Covid 19 Pandemic and the Lockdown, the couple had been spending their time writing and producing new music.

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