Emma Watson and Her Acting Career are on a Break

Emma Charlotte Duerre Watson, a Hollywood sta. She gained popularity from the Harry Potter series which was based on famous series of books/novels by J.K. Rowling. Even played the role of Hermione Granger in the movie gained a lot of popularity and recognization for it.

She was just 9 years old when she got selected for that role. Hermoine Ganger’s character had a very strong personality and point of view. Grace and self-confidence, dedicated and kind of a bookworm which Watson played phenomenally.

Now she is 25 years old and was not very active on social media. As per some unnamed sources, She is thinking of taking a break from her acting career. And focus on her love life and her boyfriend. There’s a possibility that she might be thinking of starting a family and get married. But no confirmation is given yet from her.

Emma Watson and her Acting Career are on a Break

Can it be called Retiring 

Emma Watson who last updated her Instagram profile in June 2020 has an Instagram bio. Which states “Emma’s official Instagram page is currently dormant and is not being updated.” Watson also last updated her Twitter in August 2020. 

In an unknown interview, she also shared that she will be taking a year off from acting to focus on two things. Herself and the campaign she is working for. Her priority for this period will be herself and for her betterment. She will also focus on the project campaign she is working on United Nation’s HeForShe a gender equality project 

She has been working very hard as United Nation Women Goodwill Ambassador. And also has been appointed as a fellow at Oxford University. She also shared her willingness of hearing people’s and girls’ point of view about equality and stories related to them. As She has read enough about the same in the articles but now she wants to hear and listen to them.

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It is pretty clear why the 25-year-old actress is willing to take a break from acting and wants to work on herself. 

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