The Flash Season 7 Episode 1: Release Date/Time and Air Time? What to Expect from it?

The Flash, first aired in 2014 is a story of Barry Allen (Grant Gustin) CSI Central City Police Department who got stuck by a lightning bolt and after 9 months of coma, when he finally woke up, he could run faster than a bullet. When he was a kid his mother was murdered by something impossible and then he became the impossible, he became The Flash.

The Flash is a character of Justice League from DC comics but this show is not that dark instead the Flash (Grant Gustin) is shown with some humor even after the tragic childhood. The Flash started as a spin-off of Arrow and it’s been running for 6 years now. Each season since the show started has aired in October but season 7 will be different. It’s also because season 6 ended before it can conclude the story of Eva Mcclouch ( aka Mirror Mistress).


Ever since Flash arrived on The CW, every new season starts in October, but due to the pandemic we faced in 2020 and the lockdown, production of The Flash was pushed from July to October, causing it to push its release from October to January. But there was the uncertainty of when it would be released. Tuesday, Feb 23, 2021, was finalized but then the two-hour premier event of The CW’s “Superman & Lois” claimed this spot pushing, the season’s return to Tuesday, March 2nd.


Season 6 of The Flash ended with a little bit of riff~raff as Barry was losing his speed because of the Speed Force dying and team flash failing in catching Eva or stopping her from killing her husband or even getting Iris back from the Mirrorverse.

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In the last episode of season 6, Eva killed her husband and have some evil plan for Central City and Iris was trying to find Singh with Camilla’s help but due to being trapped in the Mirrorverse for too long she started using its power and it all became too much for her and she just disappeared right in front of Camilla’s eyes.

This happened in S06E19. The first three episodes of season 7 will focus on closing the season 6 story as S06E20 is now S07E01 and S07E02-E03 is going to be a two-part finale focussing on ending the Mirror Mistress’s storyline and saving Iris from the Mirrorverse. It might focus on creating a Synthetic Speed Force as the OG speed force was dying. In the newly released bts photos, we see Barry Allen( Grant Gustin) wearing Eobard (Thawne) Wells’s glasses so maybe they traveled back in time to get his help in creating a new speed force.
A lot can happen, Wallace also said without any spoilers about bringing the real Godspeed this time, maybe a girl or maybe a boy.

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