“Eeb Allay Ooo!” Finally on Netflix


Set in a simple environment, with not so flamboyant star cast and characters which one could encounter in their daily routine life, Eeb Allay Ooo touches some really complex ideals and harsh realities around us, which may often go unseen. The events are choreographed in such a realistic way, baffling the viewer of its cinematography.

The initial giveaway of the film would be a tribute to everyone involved in menial and unskilled labor, which an individual like you and me wouldn’t even bother to think of, as subtle as hushing away monkeys! That’s laid in a way that it comments on the class conflicts and how the upper and lower classes interact and obviously there is a mediator between them.

The protagonist that is  Anjani, a migrant amongst many in Delhi who resides in a congested slum is recruited for keeping monkeys away from the government buildings in Lutyens’ Delhi, his sister is overwhelmed for him having the government job, however, he is not able to produce a certain voice over which the movie is titled as his mentor, Mahendra does, the authorities don’t prefer the way he adopts to do his job. This further takes the viewer on a journey of excitement as to what all a person does for the job we won’t ever consider.


There are multiple depictions of Anjani boarding a metro from a posh Delhi area which connects him to his slum, showing him among the many commuters.
Apart from Anjani’s struggle, what is paralleled in the movie is the same of his brother in law who is recruited as a security guard and earns a handful. What is hopeful is an increase of some amount in his earning that would come along with him handling a gun which disturbs his pregnant wife.

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Eeb Allay Ooo brings to us a worldview we would never have anticipated, say for example we would not think how a gun would disturb a security guard’s family but it does, and along with it so many other problems an unskilled employee faces.


The climax comes with a very thought-provoking and chilling realization with Mahendra being killed by a mob for killing a monkey. This comments much on the situation of increased vigilantism being faced by our country and the news of his death being announced just like that without a frown or worry implying the explicitly low cause of a workers’ life. The light weighted satire takes a graver turn.

The ending sequence may both confuse and disturb the audience as to what exactly is meant by Anjani joining a highly charged mob with all sorts of masks and images.

The interpretation is totally upon the viewer, maybe it’s his defense mechanism to get through the happenings or his attempt at feeling the mob energy that validates every action, or maybe he does become the mob.


The movie revolves depicts and counters many problematic things in our nation. And releasing on Netflix means a broader audience will watch it and through this movie will be challenged on their thoughts and morality. You can buy a Netflix subscription to watch Eeb Allay Ooo!.

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