Megyn Kelly Defending Donald Trump, Again!!! & Blaming Media for Capitol Riots

While everyone has been blaming former president of the US, Donald Trump for Capitol riots earlier this month, former Fox news anchor Megyn Kelly believes otherwise. Kelly claimed that the media is to be blamed for inciting Capitol riots than the ex-president. Media played an alleged role that gave a rise to riots at the Capitol by the pro-Trump supporters.

The 50-year-old believes that the hatred against Donald Trump made people believe that he was the one who incited the riots. She recently appeared in an interview with BBC’s Newsnight and mentioned that the mainstream media including CNN failed to check Trump objectively and it caused insurgence at the Capitol. Kelly accused all of the media hated Trump and didn’t check their feelings towards him.

The complete lack of trust with the media was the major reason for the riots at the Capitol. Kelly mentioned that people don’t know where to turn in to get a reliable piece of information. She also further added that several journalists followed Jorge Ramos and described Trump and his action as sexist, misogynistic, and racist. The former NBC News host mentioned that the people don’t trust the media anymore.

Pro-Trump mob breached the Capitol Hill on January 6 when the Congress met to certify the newly elected president Joe Biden’s Electoral College victory. After the riot was normalized the Congress returned to the Capitol and certified Biden as the official president-elect on the same day. The House of Representatives later impeached the former president Trump for the second time for his act on Capitol riots.

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Trump had just a week left for his office tenure but still received the second impeachment during his presidency. Even the members of Republicans joined hands with Democrats to impeach ex-president Donald Trump. The trail for the impeachment will be conducted during the second week of February. Kelly’s comments weren’t well-received by the journalists and viewers watching on social media.

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