Did Johnny Depp Lied about Amber Heard Not Donating $7 Million Settlement Money

Johnny Depp is looking to appeal the UK High Court Judge’s decision for the libel lawsuit he filed against Britain’s The Sun. While he is awaiting for another separate trial on May 3 in Virginia, he recently accused that Amber Heard hasn’t donated the promised money from divorce settlements to charity. The donation played a huge part during the November trial, where Depp lost to Rupert Murdoch-owned British tabloid.

The British Newspaper, The Sun published an article back in 2018 citing Depp a wife-beater. Depp claimed that he has never been abusive towards his former wife Amber Heard. However, the evidence presented before the Uk High Court wasn’t convincing enough to rule Depp’s innocence. During the trial, Heard testified that she had no interest in Depp’s fortune and donated all $7 million divorce settlement to charity.

But in reality, the reports claim that she had never fully made the promised donations. Depp and his legal team were pressing for the information from two organizations, where Heard was planning to donate. However, the American Civil Liberties Union didn’t reveal the information but Children’s Hospital Los Angeles announced that the actress has donated only $100,000 so far.

Did Johnny Depp Lied about Amber Heard Not Donating $7 Million Settlement Money?

No, the Aquaman actress has indeed not made any donations but lied about the donation in UK High Court. After the 57-year-old actor accused Heard, Heard’s lawyer immediately released a statement where she explained the situation. According to lawyer Elaine Bredehoft, there has been a delay in payment but Amber Heard is going to make the donation in some time in future.

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Bredehoft further added that she hasn’t been able to make the donations due to Johnny Depp. Pirates of the Caribbean actor filed a lawsuit against the actress and she had to spend money a lot of money on lawyers. This caused her to delay the promised donations. However, Depp filed for a lawsuit in early 2019, but the divorce settlement took place three years ago in 2016.

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