Grey’s Anatomy Star Patrick Dempsey Joining Amy Adams In ‘Enchanted’ Sequel ‘Disenchanted’. Know all about it here!

Have you seen the movie Enchanted? Well, if you haven’t, we recommend that you do it because this article will give you the details about all that you would wanna know once you become a fan of the movie. The first movie made a huge impression on Disney movie lovers especially because it was a live version movie.

The plot and the visuals were very unique and that is what set the movie apart. It was something the children could watch along happily with the rest of their family.

Grey's Anatomy Star Patrick Dempsey Joining Amy Adams In 'Enchanted' Sequel 'Disenchanted'. Know all about it here!

In the first movie, Amy Adams and Patrick Dempsey gave an excellent performance for their respective roles. Amy Adams truly looked enchanting in her real-life gown and her acting fit the vibe of an actual princess perfectly.

About the Sequel ‘Disenchanted’.

After Enchanted became so famous among all the Disney movie lovers, Disenchanted is said to be coming next in line. The movie will be seeing the return on the cast members from the first movie – Amy Adams and Patrick Dempsey. Both of them seem to be more than ready for the new script.

In fact, Patrick was so excited about this movie that in an interview he himself discussed a little about the upcoming plot. He seemed to be describing the whole scene to his fans as to what the movie is going to be about and how it will be set into motion.

When will the movie ‘Disenchanted’ release?

As of now, only the news of the fact that the movie is being planned on has been released. We have also heard that the script is finalized and the production process will be set into motion in spring this year.

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The last movie ended with both the lead actors getting their happy ending with the villain queen dying. Like a typical Disney princess movie, this movie had the same happy ending, but the unique part was that it was a real-life version. In the sequel, we are definitely expecting to see how the enchanting princess adjusts to real life.

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