Why was Dare Me Season 2 Cancelled by Netflix Just After One Season

Heartbreaking news comes from Netflix that Dare Me season 2 was canceled by them. This was a very popular drama show in the USA, though season 2 can’t release. So, if you want to know what the reason is, then you have to read till the end of the article.

Before going to that discussion, let’s quickly check about the fact of the show.

About Dare me

Dare me is an American drama series that was first released on 19th December 2019. There were 10 episodes in season 1.

The show is based on the novel Dare me and it’s written by Megan Abbott. The storyline of the show is based on the friendship, loyalty, jealousy of some teen friends. We experience her competitive high school cheerleading to the fraught relationship between two best friends. From this storyline, the show hit in their first season.

Why was Dare Me Season 2 Cancelled by Netflix Just After One Season

Why season 2 canceled by Netflix?

In spite of a very successful season, why season 2 canceled was a very interesting question to know. The show is in the 6th top-rated show on Netflix, America. And it secures the top 10 in the 30 countries worldwide. But still, the show canceled.

First time the show release on its original network USA. Then it releases on Netflix. Now they say it’s fared less on its original network USA. The Hollywood Reporter noting a shift of focus away from scripted series may have been behind the decision. They say there is no season 2 in the script as well.

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Why was Dare Me Season 2 Cancelled by Netflix Just After One Season

So, these may be the reason why it canceled.

If any chance of return it?

Well, now the show canceled by Netflix. But in the future, if any production company wants to produce season 2 then it may come back. But there will be no assurance of it. If this happened, the show makers probably notify the media and as well as the fans of the show. So, you have to wait with patience.

Why was Dare Me Season 2 Cancelled by Netflix Just After One Season

Dare Me season 2: will we get one more season

After making it into the top shows, “Dare Me,” season 2 was reportedly canceled in USA Network in April 2020. It was said to be shopped to networks during its cancellations to see if anyone wanted to make its season 2. After ending the first season with a cryptic climax, we need to know who the murderer was. It heavily implied that Colette and her husband Matt conspired to cover up a crime on the evening in question.

Dare Me season 2: 2021 update

After Netflix acquired the show adding Season1 in December 2020, these series can be a cultural sensation just like “Cobra Kai,” and Netflix might consider renewing it if it’s a huge hit. Since Netflix has not announced anything, we can’ be too sure of what’s to happen.

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