Jessi Shared about having a Crush over BTS Member, Jungkook

Whether it is a celebrity or a normal person it is quite okay and normal to have or develop a crush on somebody. Crush is a term used for expressing a strong feeling towards someone. When it comes to celebrities and their crushes, it becomes a bigger deal as the fans of the same would want to know more and the details.

While some of the celebrities choose to stay and quiet and be secretive about their love life and crushes, some choose to be vocal about it. Jessi, which is Jessica Ho’s stage name recently expressed her feelings and having a crush on the BTS member, Jungkook. Jessi is a Korean-American rap star and a songwriter whereas Jungkook, the youngest member of this boy band is also a vocalist/singer and a songwriter.

Jessi Shared about having a Crush over BTS Member, Jungkook

Does Jessi have a crush on Jungkook?

Jessi seems to be a badass in the Korean rap and music industry. With her upfront nature, she amazes her fans by speaking her heart out without any hesitation. In a recent episode of her very own talk show, Showterview she was sharing about the experiences and the upcoming comeback.

After that, she took a fan’s question where she was asked about her celebrity crush to which we all knew the answer is Ha Jung Woo, a Korean actor on whom Jessi have a never-ending crush but when asked in details she hinted her co-host Cho Jung Shik about how she is amazed by the growth of BTS, to which Jung Shik guessed that she might have a crush on BTS member Jungkook. When her co-host took Jungkook’s name, Jessi blushed and nodded.

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Jessi has previously worked with BTS in 2016 for a commercial. She shared that she has literally seen them growing and she is most amazed by the growth of Jungkook, how from a boy he grew into a handsome and manly man. She also shared her intention of working or collaborating with the band again.

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