PewDiePie Joining Facebook in 2021 with JellySmack

A YouTube sensation, a Youtuber Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg is popularly known as PewDiePie. He’s a comedian as well and known for his Let’s Play videos which is a comedy format show.

Moreover, his channel is liked and subscribed by many people, currently with 108  million subscribers. He ranks as the 19 most viewed channel.

PewDiePie Joining Facebook in 2021 with JellySmack

PewDiePie with JellySmack

Felix has been named by the Time Magazine as the world’s 100 most influential people. The re’s a headline in the media where the founder of Jellysmack claimed that PewDiePie is coming on Facebook.

PewDiePie Joining Facebook in 2021 with JellySmack

“I think it’s a huge deal … he’s the biggest YouTube creator,” Michael Philippe told me today on the TechFirst podcast. “He’s part of … internet culture at this point … it means that we are really now in a multiplatform ecosystem, which was really not the case a few years ago,” says Phillipe- co-founder of JellySmack.

What’s the reason?

There could be ample reason which includes the reason for money too.

“The creators we work with right now, most of them now make more money on Facebook than they make on YouTube. When you have the right tools and the right technology and the right content and everything, the reality is you can make much, much, much more money sometimes on Facebook, than you can make on YouTube,” Philippe says.

PewDiePie Joining Facebook in 2021 with JellySmack

Although, Felix is already popular enough to grab a good amount of audience on Facebook too. However, he’s joining Facebook but he isn’t going to leave YouTube. Phillipe will be helping Felix to choose the best videos to stream.

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Felix just has to create the content, the workload is divided now. Well, we can say this the future of media.

“Creators are going to keep growing really, really fast. “And so you’re going to see more and more platforms and more and more ways for them to monetize their audience. So that’s what we’re seeing with Patreon and Only Fans. And it’s going to take multiple different shapes.” says the co-founder of JellySmack, Phillipe.

John Koester a Youtuber posted an interview with Phillipe where they talked about PewDiepie coming to Facebook.

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