Solo Leveling Chapter 135 Read Online, Spoiler: The Final Begins, Release Date

The 135th chapter of popular Manhwa, Son Levelling has released and you shouldn’t miss it. Sung Jin-woo is currently fighting humongous giant in Japan, but the battle hasn’t been easy for the protagonist. The giant who looked like a boss in front of the gate is actually a soldier and a powerful boss is awaiting our hero.

Tokyo’s newfound dungeon is vast and there are high chances that more monsters will pour out from it. If the hunters don’t defeat the boss, it would be real trouble for them as well as whole of Japan. Jin-woo is brilliantly defeating the appeared monsters, but also it has been difficult for him. He was surprised when he realized the giant he took down wasn’t the boss.

Jin-woo is currently fighting the monsters that appeared in Tokyo. The reports claimed that the manhwa will soon enter the America arc, meaning Tokyo arc is going to conclude. Jin-woo had already killed 13 giant monsters before reaching Tokyo. There had been a powerful force guarding the Shinjuku gate, which may potentially be the boss of dungeon. Once, he will defeat the boss, he will save the whole Japan.

The Final Begins

Jin-woo’s decision to go offensive was doubted initially but thanks to that the battle in the dungeon has reached in its final stage. The battle against the giants has benefitted Jin-woo as well. These giants in S-Class gate is similar to the boss and after defeating them, Sung is leveling up as well. The final battle would probably end in the next chapter.

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Son Levelling’s upcoming chapter is Chapter 136, which is set to release next week. The manhwa would be released in South Korean language on January 20, 2021 while the English version will release shortly after that. Son Leveling’s next episode is certainly going to be eventful, so don’t miss it.

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