Who is Annabelle Wallis In Peaky Blinders? Chris Pine’s wife, age and family.

Peaky Blinders is a historical fiction crime drama. It is a British TV series illustrated by Steven Knight. The show is featured a crime family, Shelby back in Birmingham, England. The show is based on a real family which was actually an urban gang having the same name. The story is said to be created on an incident after the First World War in the early 20th century. Annabelle Wallis plays the part of Tommy Shelby’s First Wife and a former undercover agent Grace Shelby. She is expected to reprise her role in Peaky Blinder Season 6.

The show consists of a total of 5 Seasons now and was originally released on 12th September 2013. Peaky Blinders hai received an award for best drama series at BAFTA TV Awards.

What was Annabelle Wallis’ role in Peaky Blinders?

Annabelle Wallis is an English actress. She is very well known for her strong character as Grace Burgess in Peaky Blinders (20013-2019). She has appeared in seasons 1,2,3 and 5. Annabelle was not part of the 4th Season. “I want to give a halt to my TV career. I am looking forward to movies”, said Annabelle.

Coming onto her role, Grace was an Irish barmaid in a pub named Garrison Pub. She was working on a secret mission as an undercover agent for the Birmingham police. After meeting Thomas Shelby, Annabelle fell in love with him. As a result, Thomas was also into her but her truth shocked him.

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Who is Annabelle Wallis In Peaky Blinders? Peaky Blinders Season 6 Updates
Who is Annabelle Wallis In Peaky Blinders? Chris Pine’s wife, age, and family.

In seasons 1and 2 Annabelle faces many tragedies. After shifting to New York she gets married to an American businessman. Moving onto the third Season, Thomas and Annabelle reunite which leads to Annabelle’s pregnancy. She gives birth to a baby boy, Charlie Shelby. Later, Annabelle’s husband did suicide, and thus Annabelle and Thomas get married to each other.

Did Grace die in the last Season?

As the show moves to its end, an Italian assistant shoots Annabelle and she dies. The bullet was actually for Thomas to get saved for his wife’s sacrifice.

During the time-lapse, Thomas is left alone with his child and thus goes into hallucination. He grieves for his wife after Annabelle’s death which leaves him with her memories.

Chris Pine’s wife, age, and family

Christopher Whitelaw Pine is an American actor. Born on 26th August 1980, Chris is 40years old. He is best known for his role in Wonder Women as Steve Trevor and as Captain Kirk in the Star Terk trilogy.

He started his career in 2004 as a debut in the film The Princess Diaries 2. Chris got married to the famous English actress Annabelle Wallis in 2018. Born in a film background, Chris’ parents Robert Pine and Gwynne Pine were actors too. But later, his mother, Gwynne became a physiotherapist.

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