Who Is Peter Miles? Ken Miles Son Life and More

We all came across the American sports Drama film ‘Ford v Ferrari’. But do we know the real story behind the film? The was directed by James Mangold and written by Jez Butterworth, John-Henry Butterworth, and Jason Killer. The film stars Matt Damon and Christian Bale in the leading role.

The story of the film is based on the life of British automotive designer Carroll Shelby’s British driver, Ken Miles who died in a tragic accident. Matt Damon who played Ken Miles in the movie was helped by Ken Miles’s son Peter Miles in order to understand the personality and life events of Ken Miles.

Peter Miles And His Contribution For The Sports Drama Film – Ford v Ferrari. 

What we are looking at in this article is the life of Peter Miles and his life. Peter Miles helped matt Damon with videos, magazine cutouts, and other sources like photographs that helped Damon in his role as Ken Miles. Ken miles wasn’t a public figure and it was merely impossible to get information and matter related to his life. Peter Miles helped the actor understand better.

Speaking about his collaboration with Christian Bale for Ford v Ferrari Peter said that “I gave Christian Bale info about my dad from press clippings and magazine articles, and I showed him personal photos and shared the audio recording with him. Bale was looking to remain as faithful as possible to my father. I also met Caitriona Balfe and gave her snapshots of my mother and described her as best as I could.”

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The evidence given by Peter Miles helped the actor and the people associated with the drama to build upon the character sketch of Ken miles. Which would have been impossible without Peter’s help. Though there is driving done by the Doman maybe because Peter couldn’t help the actor with that.

Peter Miles is currently 70 years old. He was born on 28 September 1950 and was only 15 years old when he witnessed the tragic death of his father.  Ever since then Peter has always worked towards keeping his fathers dream and love for motorsports alive.

After his father’s death, 14-year-old Peter worked with his father’s friend Dick Troutman and Barnes Custom car shop in Culver City. He then ventured into the field of fabrication advancing to mechanics and later became crew chief.

He became crew chief for the off-road racing legend Ivan “Ironman” Stewart in 1991. For this, he then won the 1991 Nissan 400 in Nevada. He was seen making a significant appearance at car shows mainly in California. He was also seen posing with GT40. His father’s car that he drove at Le Mans in 1966.

At present, Peter resides in Monterey California with his wife Patti Montgomery. The couple has a daughter named Jaime Miles. Who was married to Jeff Moore? The couple had tied the knot in the Grammy award. Peter is currently the executive administration of billionaire Chip Connor’s massive car collection. The collection is having a net worth of around $ 80.0 million.

Recently Peter came up with a photo book based on his gather Ken Miller. Which too helped in building the character of Ken in the film Ford v Ferrari.

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