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Today’s highlight is the famous Irish professional mixed martial artist and boxer. He was also ranked 12 in UFC men’s pound for pound rankings on 23rd of November, 2020. Soon after that, on 24th December, he upgraded himself to being number 4 in the UFC lightweight rankings. He has also previously been an Ultimate Fighting featherweight champion and also in the lightweight category.

Conner McGregor Net Worth 2020

Conner McGregor’s current net worth stands at 120 million dollars currently. He is an extremely successful and a very well paid athlete. He has also been ranked number 16 on the list of highest-paid athletes by Forbes.

Connor McGregor Lifestyle and more.

Conner is currently very happy with how his life has turned out to be. He is enjoying his life and spending more of his time with his friends and family. He is currently in a relationship with a woman named  Dee and has two kids namely – Connor and Croia McGreggor. Dee and Connor grew up together in Dublin and may also be reportedly been dating since 2008.

They had their first child together in 2017 and another in 2019. In June, Connor announced that he was done with the fighting business and was ready for his retirement. He had announced so many times in the past four years, but this time, it seemed like the final one. He said that he is simply no more interested in the Fighting industry and is done with the sport.

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Connor has been in the hearts of many fans for years now. He had been the Ultimate fighting champion and had made his fans proud. Thus, such a news was pretty heartbreaking for his fans. However, his fans had to agree with the fact that it was time for Connor to reap the rewards of his years of hard work and live a simple life with his friends and family, which he seems to be really enjoying and is very happy about.


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