Ariana Grande Relationship Timeline : Pete Davidson to Dalton Gomez, Dating History. Read all about it here!

Ariana Grande has not only been in the Music Industry since the beginning of her time. This glamour star made her debut in the Broadway musical ’13’ in the year 2008. From there, she has also been part of the Disney Channel group. If you’ve had a childhood filled with Disney Channel serials, you may have seen Ariana Grande along with many other famous actors like Hannah Montana or the adorable duo of Zack and Cody (Cole and Dylan Sprouse).

But Ariana Grande has grown to be a very successful woman. She has made it hit on the Billboard way too many times with her amazing albums with songs like ‘Thank you, next’, ‘No Tears Left To Cry’ and ‘Dangerous Woman’.

Now, shifting a little from her professional life to her love life, this woman has dated men that tell you that her taste in men is pretty classy. In this article, we will take you through her relationship with Pete Davidson and Dalton Gomez. The two of her relationships most talked about.

Ariana Grande with Pete Davidson.

Ariana and Pete have had a relationship that will make you wonder when it started and when it ended. Their journey has been the fastest roller coaster ever.

They met back in September 2014, at Saturday Night Live where Ariana Grande was invited as a guest. Two years later, when Grande hosted SNL, she talked to Pete for the first time. Although both of them were with different people at the time, Ariana admitted to Jimmy Fallon later, that she had the biggest crush on Pete back then.

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In 2018, Pete ended up wearing the mask that Grande had worn in ‘Dangerous Woman’ at a spoof show for SNL. This ended up leaving their fans in a frenzy and that’s when they went gaga over them and started shipping them together.

In April, Grande had posted the final picture of her and her then boyfriend Mac Miller. The same month, Pete had publicly announced that he would marry his girlfriend. However, later in May, they broke it off too. In the same month, however, Pete and Grande made their first official debut as a couple in Instagram.

Their relationship got pretty serious which was clearly seen through a series of events. They both permanent homage to each other by getting tattoos for each other. Grande got a finger tattoo which said ‘Pete’.

Soon after that, in June, she debuted her engagement ring at a performance. Pete even confirmed the same at a show with Jimmy Fallon. After this, their relationship was a whiplash. In August, they debuted publicly for the first time. However, a few months later, in October, TMZ reported that they had broken up their engagement. This was also confirmed when fans started seeing that Davidson was covering up the tattoos that he had gotten for Grande.

Ariana Grande with Dalton Gomez.

After her rollercoaster ride with Davidson, later in January 2020, Grande started having it for Dalton Gomez.

Their relationship started off soon in January. Fans also confirmed it soon as they realized that Ariana along with her many friends had started following Dalton Gomez on Instagram. All throughout February and March, we could see subtle signs of their relationship, from Dalton accompanying Ariana to West Hollywood along with her management team, to Dalton appearing on Ariana’s story covertly.

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Their exclusive relationship was confirmed by TMZ when they started seeing their social media posts of Quarantine together with each other. Posts like Dalton’s story with Grande captioned ‘LOML’ standing for ‘Love Of My Life’. Later another post was posted by Grande where they had shot a promotional video for Lady Gaga’s song ‘Rain on Me’.

Their relationship from this point was all rainbows and happiness. Both of them seemed very happy. Grande also released an album called ‘Positions’ which had a lot of references made to Dalton.

On December 20, after a few months of being in love with each other, they announced their engagement together. Ariana even posted a picture with her beautiful engagement ring.

Currently, the engagement is still on and they’re very happy together.

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