Nintendo Switch Pro Release Date Leaked, Price, Specs and Features Breakdown

Nintendo Switch Pro Reveal Also Release

With just a few days left in 2020, anticipations for a reveal of the next Switch console are looked forward to on 2021. Acknowledging the small amount of time in between reveal and announcement of the Lite (just about two months), a Pro could readily be available for purchase the following year.

Viewing that Nintendo has Directs nearly once a quarter, gamers could view this new console announced as early as the spring of the following year and released as early as summer 2021. Again, though, this is just consideration. There are lots of factors that indicate this could happen as soon as many desire but just as many that could view it be Fall 2020.

Nintendo Switch Pro Release Date Leaked, Price, Specs and Features Breakdown

Based on Nintendo’s hesitation to not approve or disprove the actuality of a Switch Pro or different new versions of the console, it most possibly indicates that something is now in the works. Hopefully, that something gets done being the rumoured Switch Pro in 2021.

Nintendo Switch Pro Features and Specs

Nintendo Switch Pro Release Date Leaked, Price, Specs and Features Breakdown

While Nintendo has affirmed that it is focused on the contemporary two Switch models, that doesn’t suggest that there is zero Pro-related in the acts. There are just so many developments that would be marvelous for the Switch that Nintendo has to see the hopes of what an upgraded Switch could be.

Surprisingly, even though the PlayStation 5 also the Xbox Series X were released this year, Nintendo Switch still happens to be the best-selling console through the 2020 holiday season. This being the situation, if the upgraded Nintendo Switch Pro does release in the beginning of 2021 with a slew of expected games, the Japanese gaming company could end up doing great for itself.

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Microsoft and Sony’s consoles will be extra powerful graphically as they can manage 4K to 8K resolution, have incredible processing power, and offer more reliable controllers.



Nintendo Switch Pro Release Date Leaked, Price, Specs and Features Breakdown

  • An upgraded screen – 4K abilities, plus a mini-LED Nintendo Switch screen, would take this console to new heights and arrange for some excellent gaming.
  • Fixing the drift – Following the Joy-Con price cut last month, some began to wonder if that meant something new was developing. Perhaps a different kind of Joy-Con without the drift, or something different than a Joy-Con. And if the controller is something different, then perhaps it would be connected to some new, upgraded console device as well.
  • Bigger hard drive – While gamers can buy SD cards up to 2TB for their Nintendo Switch, the on-board space is little. It can hold all that is needed to operate the system and only a few games.
  • Faster processing – Reports have suggested that the Switch Pro might be applying the Nvidia’s Tegra Xavier mobile processor including graphics units to increase speeds and processing power.


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