Haikyu Season 5: The Garbage Dump Battle ‘Karasuno v Nekoma’ is FINALLY Happening, Release Date, Spoilers, and More

Haikyu has impressively raised the bar so high as one of the best sports anime television series. Fans and critics believe that the anime is by far the best and well-crafted sports anime series in history. Haikyu revolves around the game of Volleyball, but the fans aren’t particularly those who watch Volleyball or understands it. The brilliant characterization and show’s pace has attracted millions of non-Sports fans. Haikyu has recently completed the fourth season — Haikyū!! To The Top — and fans are already looking forward to the release date of the fifth season.

The anime series tells the emotional journey of Shoyo Hinata and his teammates from Karasuno High to become the best High School Team in all of Japan. Karasuno used to be the strongest team but became the fallen champions in recent years. After Shoyo Hinata joins the team, he inspires the Karasuno Volleyball team to never give up and aim for the best. With the high team spirit, hard work, and struggles, Karasuno High finally manages to enter the Nationals after many years.

The road to success is not a piece of cake as the team faces several strong opponents and powerhouse teams. However, with the determination to win and teamwork, they cleared every hurdle and reached the third round of Tokyo Nationals in the last season defeating the team, which was expected to win the tournament.

Haikyū!! To The Top premiered in split-cour, in which the first released in January 2020, while the second debuted in October.

Hinata and Karasuno Boys faced powerhouse Inarazaki High, the runner-up of last Nationals, in the fourth season. The team defeated the ultimate challengers after a hard-fought match and earned a place in the last 16 of the tournament. Karasuno High will play against their rivals, Nekoma High, in the third round of Tokyo Nationals. Fans are eagerly waiting for this match-up as they believe that this match against Nekoma is not like the match against other teams, including the powerhouses as well.

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The next season is definitely on its way, but we don’t know the exact release date. Crunchyroll, which streams the anime outside of Japan hinted the renewal of the fifth season on their official Twitter account. Karasuno and Nekoma’s rivalry goes all the back to the days of their respective coaches. They have played plenty of practice matches together but never featured at National level. The rivalry is often dubbed as the Trash Can Battle between Cats and Crows and means a lot to both team’s players, school, and coach. Haikyu Season 5 will most probably return in Spring 2021 or Fall 2021.

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