Attack on Titan Season 4 Episode 4: The New Inheritor of ARMOURED TITAN, Release Date and Spoilers

The fourth season of popular anime television series, Attack on Titan is getting excited with every new episode. Zeke proposed a plan to attack and capture the Paradis Island and the plan is going forward. Meanwhile, the warriors are preparing themselves for the upcoming battle even though the previous war has traumatized several soldiers. The fourth and final season kicked off concluding the four-year-long battle where the Marley realised that Titans power is not enough against the modern tanks and anti-Titan weapons.

Attack on Titan’s fourth episode titled From One Hand to Another is set to release on December 28, 2020, at 12:10 a.m. JST on NHK General TV. The premium users of Crunchyroll will be able to stream the new episode on the same day of airing in Japan. Crunchyroll streams the episodes for international viewers and the viewers can watch the new episode for free after a week. Netflix Philippines and Thailand also stream the anime on the platform after airing in Japan.

Attack on Titan Season 4 Episode 4 Preview

The upcoming episode will most possibly reveal the new inheritor of Armoured Titan. Gabi has been receiving praises for her heroic efforts during the battle. The soldiers believe that Gabi would be the perfect candidate to inherit Armoured Titan. However, Falco, who is secretly in love with her, doesn’t want Gabi to inherit the Titan. He realises that if she inherits the Titan, then life span will significantly decrease and don’t want to lose her. Also, Falco thinks that he should inherit the Titan instead of her.

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In the latest episode, Reiner recalls the event of the past when he had inherited the power of armoured Titan. Later, Reiner attempts to end his life by committing suicide, but after seeing Falco gives up his decision to die. Meanwhile, the fans watched a brief appearance of the main protagonist of the show, Eren Yeager for the first time in the fourth season. Falco talks with an Eldian soldier and realises that the soldier is Eren and he has aided him in the past.



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