Station 19 Season 4 Episode 6: Firefighters Will Return in Action After 3-month Winter Hiatus, Release Date and Storyline

Station 19 Season 4 had its winter finale with a crossover episode with Grey’s Anatomy on December 17, 2020. ABC has neither dropped the official synopsis for the upcoming episode nor revealed the return date. Fans can expect the sixth episode return after winter break, potentially next year. The previous episode commenced a crossover event that concluded onĀ  Grey’s Anatomy season 17, Episode 6. Like Station 19, the medical drama will also air new episodes after winter break.

The report claimed that the show is currently on a winter hiatus and has a return date of March 4, 2021. Once the show returns, it will run on its original time slot of 8 pm ET on ABC. However, you can also watch the show on next day on-demand through Hulu. The international viewers can stream the new episodes, as well as the previous season’s episodes on Amazon Prime Video. Also, viewers can use the active cable subscription account of ABC to login onto ABC website and stream the episodes.

Station 19 Season 4 Episode 6 Preview

Since there is still time for the release date of the new episode, the Television network hasn’t revealed the synopsis for the upcoming episode. The new episodes will certainly bring new shocking surprises in the life of firefighters of the Seattle Fire Department. In the latest crossover episode, the team celebrates at Maya’s house, but Ben cuts the celebration short with heartbreaking news.

As we knew on Grey’s Anatomy, Ben also finds out that his mother-in-law has died. Ben also has the responsibility to break the news to the family, which doesn’t go well with Tuck. Ben somehow manages to handle the situation, thanks to the help of Roz. Meanwhile, fans get a surprise after Jack and Inara gets closer. The best part of the episode has to be the restoration of Robert and Andy’s relationship.

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Also in the episode Out of Control, police officers don’t show their support when the crew tries to help a mother in trouble. The episode doesn’t end on a good note as the police officers use force excessively against the firefighters. Squad cars take Dean, Robert, and Joyce away while their crewmates watch in shock.

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